About the German-African University Partnership Platform

About the German-African University Partnership Platform

Educational and business events are hosted globally every year to advocate the right ways to develop business ideas and the professional approach of the guests. It is important that we make the best use of these events in order to improve the business platforms we create through the avenues offered. Collaborations between countries lead to the growth of every region involved, thereby improving the living conditions and economies. One of the major projects that are often talked about for its far-reaching proposals and ideas is the German-African University Partnership Platform for the Development of Entrepreneurs and Small/Medium Enterprises. This venture is funded by the BMZ and DAAD as an appendage to the “Practical partnerships between German universities and developing countries.”

Such collaborations are essential in the growth of both these countries, further helping the system develop innovative ideas by seeking technical support from multiple organizations. This platform brings together the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences, the University of Cape Coast in Ghana, and the Kenya’s University of Nairobi. When teaming up for massive accomplishments, these universities form a synergy to help the businesspersons and entrepreneurs in the countries. By focusing more on such platforms, Germany is leveraging its position in the global economy to form symbiotic relationships with other nations for bigger missions. Here is a short tour through the basic concepts and principles of the latest policies of the partnership platform.

Aim of the Project

Delving deeper into the organized platform will reveal the important elements of a system. University graduates are prepared with special sessions to tackle the challenges in the market. Pursuing a career in any field requires quite some grit and fortitude since the competition only seems to increase with every passing year. The collaboration of the countries through the universities helps the upcoming talents to land sufficient funding for their projects. Business ideas are made more effective with the intervention from the experts from both countries. A collaboration such as this is required for every nation to transcend its limitations and harness the power around them. The promotion of SMEs and entrepreneurship is also focused on by the team of experts to develop better opportunities for the professionals to conduct market research in Africa.

The Exchange

A student exchange program is also promoted on this platform, allowing candidates to travel to a different university for the same course. German companies cooperate with the Ghana and Kenya universities to offer the H-BRS students an opportunity to spend around four months at the different institutions. All these sessions will help the individuals learn the various stages involved in the process. Entrepreneurs find a safer place to execute their plans with the government providing for their different needs. An exchange of ideas and resources is in action, while the countries aim for greater heights as they leap towards huge success.

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